New Development Emerges With Jared Fogle Victim

The recent lawsuit against Jared Fogle by one of his child porn victims has recently, and quickly been dismissed. Many believe that this could be the result of a settlement, but neither party has yet spoken out about what actually happened with the suit.

Earlier in 2016, a young woman identified as "Jane Doe" claimed that she was a repeated victim of the child pornography videos that Fogle got through his friend Russell Taylor. Jane Doe claims that she was a welcome guest in the home of Taylor, where he hid multiple cameras aimed at taking video of herself and other minors changing and bathing.

jared fogle
(Photo: Twitter / @TheWrap)

Fogle solicited those same videos from Taylor, according to the lawsuit. Jane Doe was asking for at least $150,000 each from both Fogle and Taylor for their crime. Since then, Fogle was convicted of child pornography has spent time in jail. According to TMZ, Fogle then decided to sue Jane Doe's parents.

However, it seems that the conflict between Jane Doe and Fogle is now over. The documents submitted to the court for dismissal say that Jane Doe is "dismissing the suit with prejudice." This means that neither she, nor her parents, can ever sue Fogle for the thing ever again, which is another sign that the two parties could have come to some settlement agreement.


What exactly transpired between the two parties is yet unknown, but it wouldn't be surprising if Fogle had just decided to pay up.