New Details On Charlie Sheen's HIV Have Surfaced

Charlie Sheen has revealed that an experimental drug treatment has fully suppressed his HIV.

The 51-year-old actor reportedly receives a weekly injection of a drug called PRO-140 as opposed to the traditional antiretroviral therapy (ART), and the results have been outstanding.

The Two and a Half Men star gave an exclusive interview to Daily Mail in which he explained that his virus is no longer detectable.

"It's impossibly amazing," Sheen said. "Personally, I think about how I felt on the day and how I feel today. Wow. Talk about a transformation."

Sheen first revealed that he was HIV positive in November of 2015.

"One minute you're on the road to perdition, the next you're on the road to providence," he said. "It's amazing."

Before receiving the weekly PRO-140 injection, Sheen was taking the (ART) cocktail of drugs.

"I'm so grateful for the geniuses at CytoDyn for developing this and finding me," Sheen said.

On November 29, Sheen received a message from the CEO of the Washington pharmaceutical company CytoDyn Inc, Dr. Nader Pourhassan. In the text to Sheen, Dr. Pourhassan said wrote, "Just got your recent two VL results...Both are TND ( target not detectable)...Complete suppression...Excellent News...With best regards."

PRO-140 has seemingly worked a miracle for Charlie Sheen, but the drug only works for a certain strain of HIV, R5. About 70% of people that have HIV have R5, and a whopping 90% of new infections are of the same train. Therefore, scientists and doctors have become hopeful that the drug has been a medical breakthrough and will make huge strides in the fight against HIV.

Sheen has been receiving injections for 8 months now, and he claims that he has not felt any side effects.

"You'd think that I have this disease and I'm doing a trial so I'm probably covered in blackheads and all that," he said. "Not at all. I haven't felt anything - nothing."

"The only thing that I've noticed was that on the day of the injection I felt a little bit of fatigue," said Sheen. "Just a little bit. But you know... 'hash tag so what?!' I could barely notice it, and now I feel great. It's beyond the pale of amazing."

Daily Mail reports that the FDA will be studying the results in a couple months in order to determine if PRO-140 can be publicly released. If the drug is deemed acceptable, CytoDyn Inc. is looking at a mid-2017 or early 2018 release.


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