Missing Church Usher Found Dead In The Most Horrible Way After Not Showing Up For Service

On Christmas Day, a 75-year-old man from Louisiana was reported missing. Two days later, he was found dead in a trash bin on his back porch, according to People.

When Howard Poche didn't show up at the 8 a.m. Christmas mass, members of the Church became concerned. They called the police to report that he was missing.

Poche attended Church every Sunday. He rode his bike there, and volunteered as an usher every week.

When the police arrived at Poche's home to search for clues, Poche's housekeeper, Michele King, was allegedly cleaning up a "considerable amount of blood."

The detectives eventually found Poche's body stashed in a trash bin on the back porch. While searching the home, the investigators discovered a bloody knife and other evidence of blood, according to The Advocate.

On Tuesday, law enforcement officials arrested a 23-year-old man named Jeffery Lee Marks, who has been charged with killing Poche. 

The authorities explained that an anonymous source tipped them off to Marks' alleged involvement. 

The police have reportedly discovered a motive for the murder, but they are not releasing the information at this time.

Court records also show that Michele King has been taken into custody, but on unrelated charges. However, law enforcement officials did mention that there is a possibility that the housekeeper could be facing charges in Poche's murder. She reportedly knows the murder suspect Jeffery Marks. 

A GoFundMe page was started to pay for Howard Poche's burial costs. On the page, his niece described Poche as a "kind man."

"Howard was a kind man who would help anyone. He loved volunteering at his church where he was an usher. I would like to give my uncle the proper burial he deserves, any and all donations are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all so much for the continued prayers and help with searching. Howard will be missed dearly."

Jeffery Marks
(Photo: Jeffery Lee Marks | Beria Parish Sheriff's Office)

Marks is reportedly being held in jail without bail until his court date.

What are your thoughts about this horrific crime?


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