Miley Cyrus Wants To Star In Another Movie With Liam Hemsworth Before Getting Married

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met with filming 2010's The Last Song, and despite there being a few bumps in the road ever since then, the two have had a close and mostly romantic relationship ever since then. The two recently spent the holidays together and shared their joy all across social media, but a source close to Cyrus recently told The Hollywood Life that there's still one more thing Cyrus hopes to share with Liam.

According to the source, Miley "wants to do some more movies in 2017 and would love to work with Liam" before the two get married. The subject matter doesn't sound particularly important, as the source revealed, "It could be a romantic thing, a comedy, or something in which they play characters who hate each other. But she'd want to do that before getting married because she is happy with how the relationship with Liam is going."

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In The Last Song, the two played characters who struck up an unlikely romance, having different social circles and different upbringings. It sounds like the connection the two have developed since that film could bring some really interesting chemistry to the screen, regardless of whether they played love interests or enemies.

Cyrus' most recent big screen outing was a role as herself in 2015's The Night Before and Hemsworth recently starred in this year's Independence Day: Resurgence, so once their schedules clear up in 2017, they should both be able to make time to star in a film together.

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