Meet The Rat That Pole Dances

If you've ever needed a reason to not ride the New York City subway late at night, now you have one. A late night commuter caught a video of one of the usual subway rats doing something quite unusual. This one put on a show.

First came New York Pizza Rat, now the city is home to Pole Dancing Rat. This rat likes to spend its late nights climbing up, the sliding down the hand poles in the New York subway – something to keep in mind the next time you need to hand onto one for balance.

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The commuter was on the Queens-bound train around 3 in the morning when he caught the rodent on tape. It didn't seem to mind much that it was being recorded, nor did it seem to bother the commuter. However, it did only give one performance before moving on to another car.

Perhaps the commuter didn't tip well enough.

Watch the video here.

The rats of NYC have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to hanging out around humans. Sure, it's great when they try to do something cool, like carry a giant pizza up a flight of stairs, or put on a show on the train. But, remember, if they start becoming too much like humans, they could easily take over.

Do you have any crazy NYC rat stories?


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