Martha And Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party Gets A Second Season

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are back at it again. Their highly entertaining cooking show, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner, has been renewed for a second season on VH1.

The show has already given viewers quite the list of memorable moments, including clips of Snoop terrified of lobsters, as well as showing everyone just how "gangster" Stewart is when she kills a chicken. So it isn't surprising that VH1, along with Sequential Brands Group, MERRY JANE and 495 Productions, officially announced a second season.

martha and snoop
(Photo: Facebook / Musicvideotop)

"Martha and Snoop are the modern day 'Odd Couple' and the reigning King and Queen of pop culture. Wait until you see what happens in season two," said Chris McCarthy, President of MTV, VH1, and Logo.

In season one, Stewart and Snoop would host weekly dinner parties, each host adding their own special twist to the evening's dishes. A few of their guests included Seth Rogen, Jamie Chung, Ashley Graham, and DJ Khaled.

"I hoped that people would find our new show a pleasant change from the cut-throat competition shows that food television has evolved into. Time for a change – food should be fun and enjoyable, involving friends and family," Stewart said. "I am pleased that Snoop and I will be able to bring our various styles of cooking to a broader audience."

"That's right, me and my homegirl Martha will be back for another season and we can't wait," Snoop added. "Thanks to all the fans who tuned into Season 1. If ya'll thought this season was fun, wait 'til you see what we have cookin' up next for ya."

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