Listen To The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air On Vinyl

Ever wanted to break out a record and jam to the awesome beats that is 'Yo Home to Bel Air?" Now every true fan of the Will Smith breakout series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air can do just that. Enjoy the Ride Records has released a limited edition DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince album.

The 12' vinyl records feature the radio version of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air's theme song, "Yo Home to Bel Air," which includes two extra verses that were rarely heard. The B die of the record will feature the single "Parents Just Don't Understand."

Each record is a unique combination of green, pink, and blue graffiti. No two are alike and there are only 500 copies being sold as this is a limited release. This is the first time this record has been re-issued in over 20 years.

So, if you are in need for a bit of Fresh Prince nostalgia, then you might want to get your hands on one of these new records. Perhaps the occasion will also call for some Fresh Prince binge watching as well.


[H/T The Limited Press]