Jogger Forced To 'Play Dead' After Being Horribly Injured By Kangaroo

The last time we reported on a vicious attack involving a kangaroo in Australia, it was to report that a man punched a kangaroo in the face in hopes of rescuing his dog. This time, it's a horrific encounter 54-year-old Debbie Urquhart had with a marsupial in which she feared that her life had come to an end.

Urquhart reports that while on her early morning jog, a 6' tall kangaroo surprised her and viciously began kicking her. The victim claimed that the powerful animal tossed her "around like a rag doll."

The personal trainer, who obviously has a heightened state of athleticism, said, "I was trying to crawl away. He left me for a bit and I thought he was going to come back and kill me."

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Rather than attempting to fight back against the strong animal, Urquhart played dead as to not agitate the kangaroo any further.

"I was trying to crawl away. He left me for a bit and I thought he was going to come back and kill me," Urquhart reported. She added, "He ripped me to pieces."

Once the animal retreated, she then mustered enough energy to job back home and her husband immediately took her to the hospital.

To treat her injuries, Urquhart received 35 stitches in her arm, shoulder, and buttocks.

The incident shook Urquhart to her very core, revealing, "Every time I close my eyes its pretty vivid, it's horrible."

Despite the psychological trauma, Urquhart is determined to heal from the ordeal and walked out of the hospital the following day.


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[H/T Daily Mail]