It's Been 25 Years Since Jessie Spano's Iconic 'Saved By The Bell' Meltdown

Get ready for a flashback – it's been 25 years since Saved by the Bell fans first Jessie Spano's infamous caffeine pill meltdown. That iconic scene was one of the first to bring up the topic of drug use on a half-hour comedy show. It is so memorable, many fans took to the internet to parody the scene online – including Spano herself, Elizabeth Berkley.

The episode, "Jessie's Song" first aired back in 1990. The scene was focused around Spano's inevitable break down after her long-time addiction to caffeine pills. She, being the straight-A student that she was, felt that she needed to pills to be able to do everything she needed to get into her choice college.

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so scared!" Spano cried into the arms of Zack Morris after he stops her from taking another dose of the pills. It is exactly that kind of melodrama that is likely what gives this scene so much love from the fans.

Of course, what would an iconic scene be without a little anniversary parody?

When the cast reunited on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host and the gang got to play through a few favorite scenes. Berkley even brought out the melodrama for Spano's iconic meltdown. The actress also nodded to her scene while on Dancing with the Stars after saying she needed some "jive pills" to keep on dancing.


What do you think of this iconic scene? Great to relive, or should stay in the past?

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