Hotel Adds Photos of Jeff Goldblum to Guests Room Upon Request

The customer is always right, even if that means that one concierge has to agree to fill a hotel room with pictures of Jeff Goldblum.

Seth Freeland didn't make any demands when he booked a hotel room for his friend's wedding, but when the staff asked if there was anything else they could do to make his stay more comfortable, how could he pass up the opportunity to give his girlfriend a unique and memorable romantic gesture? So, Freeland asked if the hotel could place framed photos of Jeff Goldblum in his room.

jeff goldblum hotel
(Photo: Twitter / @GMA)

So, the hotel did as he asked. Freeland and his girlfriend, Amy Marsh, arrived at their room, there were nicely framed glamor shots of the Independence Day star all over the room. There was a dashing shirtless photo on the nightstand, a suave photo near the phone, and even a photo of Mr. Goldblum in the bathroom. The hotel certainly went out of their way for Freeland.

As it turns out, Marsh is a huge Goldblum fan circa Independence Day. Freeland is less of a fan, but he prefers his Goldblum from around the time of The Big Chill. Of course any kind of Goldblum is a great choice – he is at the top of the list of Hollywood Jeffs.

"It was the most magical thing to come out of the weekend," Freeland joked when asked what his recently married friends thought of his hotel. Of course, this means that Marsh has to figure out how to top this for future holidays and vacations. But is there really a way to top a hotel room full of Jeff Goldblums?

jeff goldblum 2
(Photo: Twitter / @Nerdist)

The real hero of this Goldblum story, however, is not Freeland, it's the concierge at The Huntley in Santa Monica. According to Freeland, the concierge didn't miss a beat when Freeland made his request. The concierge thought it "sounds like fun!" And fun it sure is.

[H/T Nerdist]