Hillary Clinton Predicted To Win Election By ‘Psychic’ Scottish Goat

With the election less than a day away and this year's election coverage finally nearing an end, the overall winner of this fight is still up in the air. So, naturally, we are left to turn to people like Boots the Psychic Goat to tell us who will win before the race ends.

Boots is a goat from Jedburgh, Scotland. He has quite a knack for predicting the outcomes of both sporting events and political voting. When this goat puts on his tartan hat and scarf and is given two options, he uses his "psychic" ability to pick the winner.

boots the goat 2
(Photo: Facebook / Abacapress)

The 3-year-old Golden Guernsey came to fame when he predicted, despite all the polls reporting otherwise, that the United Kingdom would vote to leave the European Union. So, with that insane prediction under his belt, there is only one thing to do? Predict the next President of the United States.

According to Boots, the winner tomorrow will be… Hillary Clinton.

This prediction comes shortly after a Chinese monkey – who doesn't claim to be psychic and, more importantly, doesn't wear a tartan hat and scarf – predicted that Donald Trump would win the election. With these conflicting animal predictions, it's easy to see why so many people are still confused as to who is going to win.

geda the monkey
(Photo: Facebook / News Talk 780 KOH kkoh.com)

If you prefer the monkey prediction, consider that the monkey may just enjoy looking at the Donald Trump cut out more. If you prefer Boot's prediction, consider that perhaps he just liked how the paper with Hillary's name on it tasted.

In the end, there may be no way to predict how this election will end. The best way to get your candidate elected is to vote. Tomorrow night is when the most important question of this entire election will be answered.


Who was right? The monkey, or the goat?

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