Hedgehog-Based Security Is The Cutest Way To Unlock Your iPhone

Are you worried about someone else being able to access your phone? Don't worry, the safest way to lock your phone has finally been discovered.

All you need to safely and securely lock your phone from others is a hedgehog. Yes, a cute, adorable, tiny little hedgehog – and you're phone, obviously.

Simply open your phone security settings and select the fingerprint option. Then, instead of using your own fingerprint, which can easily be stolen by thieves who have no problems cutting off a hand, simply put the little hedgehog's foot on the button.

After tapping away on the home key, your phone will eventually read the hedgehog foot as a fingerprint, securing your phone. To open your phone, simply use your hedgehog's foot to unlock.

The only problem with this method is that in order to unlock your phone on the go, you must carry around your new pet hedgehog. Hedgehog carriers not included. But at least you'll have a safe phone and an adorable conversation starter.


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[H/T YouTube]