Frank Sinatra's Daughter Reacts to Reports of Donald Trump Using 'My Way' for Inaugural Ball First Dance

Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy, is speaking out about claims that her father's song will be played for Donald and Melania Trump during their first dance as President and wife.

According to the Washington Examiner, jazz singer Erin Boehme and two others will perform the 1969 hit "My Way" during the Liberty Ball during Trump's inauguration.

Someone tweeted at the star asking the family's feelings on the song being played for the first dance and her response was simply, "Just remember the first line of the song."

In case you didn't know, the opening line of the song sings, "And now, the end is near." The song is about the triumphs and trials of life as the singer looks back on his back on his life and how he made his own rules the whole way.

Nancy later cleared the air that she wishes Trump the best during his presidency.

"Actually I'm wishing him the best. A good president helps the entire world. I don't believe anyone tries to be a bad president," she tweeted.

Paul Anka who wrote the song was originally set to perform at the inaugural ball but had to back out due to a scheduling conflict.


"'My Way' was his favorite song, but the backstory of it is, I've been in a custody battle for two years for my son, Ethan, and we have a new schedule now, and I'm unable to do it. … If I'd done it, I'd hope that there would've been some understanding for my motivation for it and judge me accordingly," he said during an interview with TMZ.

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