Father-In-Law Reveals Eerie Details After Son-In-Law Allegedly Kills His Daughter

The father of a Texas mom who was recently murdered has spoken out about the case, and dished on some extremely shocking details.

After 36-year-old Shanna Vandewege and her 3-month-old son Diederik were killed, her father, Mark Riddle, jumped to the defense of Shanna's husband, Craig Vandewege.

On the comments section on various news articles, Riddle explained that he believed people shouldn't rush to point the finger at Craig. However, new details have left him feeling drastically different.

"I believe in him and so do all of the other family members and friends gathered," Mark Riddle wrote on Fort Worth Star-Telegram's website. "Until you have had to deal with the mixed emotions that we've been experiencing since this episode, do not be judgmental lest you be judged."

On December 21, Craig Vandewege was arrested, a week after the bodies of his wife and son were found insider the family's home in Fort Worth, Texas.

After Vandewege was taken in by the police, Riddle has explained that he has had "a change of heart."

The arrest affidavit revealed that Vandewege allegedly discussed his plans with a man he met at a 7-Eleven. The 35-year-old father said he was traveling to Las Vegas to have a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

According to the Forth Worth Police, Vandewege told the man at the gas station that was "on the run," and that "the government was trying to conspire against him by saying he had killed his family." Law enforcement also alleged that Craig said he wanted to meet with Donald Trump "to work it out with him."

The week after his daughter's funeral, Riddle spoke to People about the new developments in the case.

"I've seen the police report, and I am very confused," Riddle said. "I can't believe, after reading what I've read, that he's innocent, but I pray that he is. I don't know. I guess I have to leave this up to God and the law."

The arrest affidavit revealed that Vandewege had a loaded pistol in his waistband, and another gun in his ankle holster in addition to "a number of condoms in his pockets."

Police officers discovered "camouflage clothing, numerous bottles of medication and an AR-style rifle," in Vandewege's vehicle.

In the weeks since the killings, the police have interviewed Vandewege's co-workers. He reportedly complained "about his wife and her appearance" regularly as well as making statements about harming her.

Vandewege allegedly told a co-worker "he wished he could push her down the stairs and kill [his wife] that way," after learning she was pregnant.

Craig told people that Shanna "could not do anything right and she dressed and wore her hair poorly." He also allegedly said, "the only way he could tolerate his wife was by drinking."

What are your thoughts about these new developments in this horrific crime?

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