Experts Explain Sherri Papini's Next Move

Sherri Papini recently fled her home in Redding, CA with her husband and two children, and sources close to the family say they may never return. Considering Papini was abducted, beaten, starved, and tortured for 22 days and her tormentors are still at large, it's clear she still has a long journey ahead of her before her life can gain a level of normalcy.

John Kelly, a well-known serial killer profiler, says that Papini's actions are a predictable response to the trauma and that the healing has only begun.

"This is going to take an awful lot of therapy, an anti-depressant, probably anti-anxiety medication," he told PEOPLE Magazine. "It will be very hard for her to navigate these traumatic waters."

"She can identify this perpetrator," Kelly explained. "If they know where she lives, she will always worry."

Local authorities investigating the case say that they don't have enough evidence to rule out anyone as a suspect, and also that no known motive for the tormentors has presented itself.

The only information Sherri could muster, having been held captive with a dark hood over her head, is that her abductors were two Hispanic women who are probably armed.

For as mysterious as the initial abduction was, Kelly also doesn't understand Papini's release, admitting, "I have a hard time understanding that as sadistic as these [people] are — and I've hunted many of them — would let someone live."

Although Sherri herself hasn't spoken publicly about the ordeal, her husband has given some interviews on her behalf. His main concern, and main relief, is that he finally has Sherri back with him and their children.

"My family is with me now," her husband revealed. "Right now I am happy my wife is back. I don't have to raise my kids without her."

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