Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Reunite At AFI Awards

Since October 2015, fans have wanted nothing more than Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to just get back together already! Though they were caught hanging out in 2016, it doesn't look like they spend too much time together. However, that might change this awards season, and their first reunion is at the AFI Awards.

Both Stone and Garfield have been busy this past year. The two starred in films that are being recognized at nearly all of the award shows this upcoming awards season. Stone starred alongside Ryan Gosling in La La Land, while Garfield knocked it out of the park in both Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge and Martin Scorsese's Silence.

During the 17th annual AFI Awards, Garfield made his way to Stone's table, taking an empty seat beside her. The two started chatting, smiling, and clearly still getting along very well despite their split. Of course, all good things must come to an end, so Garfield eventually stood up to leave, but changed his mind and stayed to chat a bit with the La La Land table. He didn't take his hand off Stone's shoulder – and she didn't seem to care.

Maybe this is another sign that there is still something going on between the two former co-stars?

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The two started dating back in 2010 after they appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man. They were together for four long years before splitting in 2015. Since their split, there have been a few sources saying that there might just still be something there. A source said back in August said, "There is definitely still love for each other there. They remain close and are on good terms."

Both Stone and Garfield also recently admitted to still caring – or "loving"- each other, but there haven't been any signs that they are possibly getting back together. Though, who knows what this upcoming award season will bring?


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