Drake Just Hit A Half Court Shot Swish, While Sitting Down

Drake took a momentary break from music recently to show off some of his impressive athletic skills. While hanging at a basketball court, the "One Dance" rapper drained a half-court shot while laying on his back!

The actor/rapper is a regular in the NBA community as he is frequently spotted at the games, especially in Toronto. However, this is one of the few times that we have seen Drake actually display some skills of his own (other than that ">embarrassing airball during warmups at Kentucky).

After swishing the long-distance shot, Drake calmly stands up, mugs for the camera, and walks off like he just hit the winning three-pointer in the NBA finals. Judging by the logo at center court, and the name written along the baseline, we are assuming this video was taken at one of the Atlanta Hawks' practice gyms, the town in which the rapper is currently on tour. Drake posted the video on his Instagram account along with the caption: "For the KIA!!!!! @highlighthub @bleacherreport." The video has already received over 2 millions views.

No word on how many attempts it took, but it is still an impressive shot nonetheless. Because we have video proof, we can also rule out that there were no ghost-shooters involved. The accusations have still been circulating accusing Drake of using ghost-writers for his rap lyrics, but we are going to stay out of that one.

Check out Drake's awesome trick shot in the video above.


How many attempts do you think it took Drake to make this half-court shot while lying on his back?