Destiny's Child Reunites For Epic Challenge

The next big meme challenge has hit! The Mannequin Challenge is the best way to really see just how long you can hold a pose. The latest celebs to take this challenge just might be the best ones yet. Destiny's Child reunited and completed their challenge in a playful way.

The idea behind the Mannequin Challenge is that a person or a group poses in a ridiculous or elaborate pose. Then that person holds that pose as the camera scans the scene. Many of the videos that are hitting social media are set to "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd, but the challenge can be set to any song.


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The three ladies of Destiny's Child, Kelley Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Queen Beyonce, decided to shoot their challenge to the tune of Ms. Lauryn Hill's "Every Ghetto, Every City." The divas channeled their inner children as they posed in a playful scene set to a park background. Rowland and Beyonce are seen playing ball, while Williams is ready to swing some sort of bat.

While it's hard to really show motion and emotion while standing still, Destiny's Child might have just been able to do both. Not only is it clear by their faces that they are having a blast, but they all look as if they could start moving around any second.

Pretty sure they have won the challenge.