DA In JonBenet Ramsey Case Has Revealed Even More Details

As the investigation into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey proceeds, District Attorney Stan Garnett has stated that he believes his predecessor made a mistake in clearing the names of the Ramsey family members – the parents, John and Patsy, and the brother, Burke.

"John, Burke, the Ramsey family are totally covered by the presumption of innocence and are entitled to that," Garnett said while talking to People. "If we ever change our opinion about that with regard to the Ramseys or anyone else, we will file charges and say what we have to say about the case in open court."

Garnett continued by saying that "to issue an exoneration is, I think, misleading."

The case is approaching its 20-year anniversary as JonBenet Ramsey was murdered at the age of 6 on the morning after Christmas in 1996. She was found in the basement of the Ramsey family's home in Boulder, Colorado. JonBenet had been strangled, beaten, and was left with a garrote tied around her neck.

In light of the fact that no one has ever even been charged in the case, the investigation is ongoing. Over 140 suspects have been considered in the investigation including the family members at first.

Back In 2008, DNA testing suggested that John, Patsy, and Burke Ramsey were not guilty of killing JonBenet. District Attorney Garnett felt that it was misguided to jump the gun and completely clear the Ramsey family of suspicion.

After initial DNA testing took place back in 2008, Boulder DA Mary Lucy issued a letter to JonBenet's father, John Ramsey. The note said, "We do not consider your immediate family including you, your wife, Patsy, and your son Burke to be under any suspicion in the commission of this crime."

Acting DA Stan Garnett explained that he has "a lot of respect" for the prior DA Mary Lacy. However, he does disagree with her about exonerating the family members.

"I didn't feel the exoneration was warranted based on the state of the evidence and the complexity of the case," he said. "And I also thought it was a very unusual thing to do in a case where there had never been any charges filed."

Garnett continued by saying, "When any district attorney goes around and starts issuing exonerations based on a particular piece of evidence, that can be very misleading to the public about the nature of the case."

Earlier this week, the Boulder Police Department announced the plans to do further investigating into the DNA evidence found at the scene of the crime.

"As part of the ongoing investigation into the death of JonBenét Ramsey, the Boulder Police Department continues to discuss and evaluate evidence with the Boulder District Attorney's Office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation," the police department said, according to People.

"With the emergence of new DNA testing technology, the Boulder Police Department is working with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations to determine if this new technology could further this investigation."

It's possible that the improvements in technology will be able to solve this decades long mystery, and the murderer can finally be brought to justice.

Learn more about the JonBenet Ramsey investigation here.

What are your thoughts about the DA comments regarding the JonBenet Ramsey case?

[H/T People]


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