Crime Boss Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Absolute Worst Place Possible

Omar Chaouk, the son of former crime boss Macchour Chaouk, got himself into a world of hurt when he accidentally shot himself in the most painful spot for a male.

After reaching into his pocket for a cigarette, the gun that was in Chaouk's pants went off. A bullet grazed his testicle and he pulled down his pants and started crying, according to Daily Mail.


Prosecutor Catherine Parkes stated, "He pulled down his pants to check the wound." Chaouk was at a friend's house in Caroline Springs when the accident happened and "he asked her if he was going to die and started crying."

Omar's female friend then drove him to the hospital where he reported to the doctors that he unintentionally shot himself while playing with a pen gun.

Upon examination, the doctors discovered a five-millimeter bullet entry point near his navel in addition to abrasions and swelling on his right testicle.

The following day, Omar was arrested by the police after being discharged from the hospital.

On Tuesday, the 25-year-old pleaded guilty to being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm over the accidental shooting that took place in 2015. Also, in January of 2015, Chaouk pleaded guilty to theft of a sports car.

Since March of 2015, Chaouk has been in custody. He will return to court in December and his lawyers are claiming that Omar has an intellectual disability, which could reduce the moral wrongdoing in his legal offenses.

Two of Omar's family members have been killed in violent circumstances. His father Macchour was killed at the age of 65 in 2010. Macchour was gunned down outside the faimly's Brooklyn home. Five years earlier in 2005, Omar's brother, Mohamad was also killed at the family home by the police during a raid.

How do you think the doctors reacted when Omar told them what happened?

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