CNN Accidentally Aired 30 Minutes Of Adult Entertainment

Someone is totally getting fired for this!

On Thursday night at 11 p.m. EST, unsuspecting viewers expecting to watch Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown were shocked to see that the regularly scheduled programming had been replaced by 30 minutes of an entirely different type of "parts unknown."

Somehow, CNN broadcast seriously hardcore porn for half an hour without pulling it down.

One social media user with the Twitter handle @solikearose was hoping to watch Anthony Bourdain's show, but discovered the explicit material upon tuning in.

She live-tweeted the bizarre experience.

The first tweet read: "@universalhub did anyone else with @RCNconnects in Boston see the hardcore porn that was broadcast on @CNN by mistake?"

Fortunately, the mishap only affected viewers in Boston. A local television provider, RCN, is responsible for broadcasting CNN in the area. The company claims that the video was being sent through the correct signal, but somehow RCN managed to press a few wrong buttons that gave the viewers the X-rated material, according to The Next Web.

Another tweet from @solikearose read: "I can't wait until @RCNconnects wakes up tmrw & realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on @CNN instead of @PartsUnknownCNN tonight."

The Twitter user also shared an update: "Update on last night's #bourdainporn incident: still no word from @RCNconnects or @CNN on what happened! Surprise no one has reached out."

At this time, neither CNN or RCN have commented officially about the incident.

While this may have been the worst of them all, mistakes are made in the news on a regular basis. Many of these mishaps aren't of the X-rated variety, but equally as regrettable. Check out some of the best news bloopers here.


How do you think the higher-ups at CNN reacted to hearing that 30 minutes of adult entertainment was being broadcast on their channel last night in place of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown?

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