Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Celebrated NBA Finals Victory In A Bizarre Way

(Photo: Twitter/@clevezirm)

Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers went wild while celebrating the team winning the NBA finals last night. No major sports team in the city of Cleveland has won a title in 52 years, and in order to celebrate the special occasion, the fans ran through the streets and even managed to climb on top of fire trucks.

Finals MVP, LeBron James stated in a post game interview, "You know, just what our city has been through, Northeast Ohio has been through as far as our sports and everything for the last 50-plus years. You can look back to the Ernest Byner fumble, Elway going 99 yards to Jose mesa not being able to close out the bottom of the ninth, to the Cavs going to the Finals, I was on that team in 2007, us getting swept and then last year us losing 4-2 and so many more stories."

While the celebration was reportedly very peaceful according to Rolling Stone, the first reports about fans climbing onto fire trucks was that the trucks were stolen. The Cleveland police then tweeted a photo of fans on top of one of the fire trucks with the caption: "See, the fire truck was not stolen. This, however, is not okay."

Another photo of the celebration, posted by Jordan Zirm, showed dozens of Cavaliers fans clinging to a fire truck in the middle of the street. Zirm posted the photo with the caption, "This is pure insanity."

While the Cleveland Police were clearly not thrilled about the fans climbing on top of the fire trucks, the city of Cleveland has long been due for a wild victory celebration for one of their beloved sports teams.