Charles Manson Had Over 100 Infractions In Prison Before Being Hospitalized

While doing time in prison serving nine concurrent life sentences, 82-year-old Charles Manson has committed a mind-blowing number of infractions. After his recent hospitalization, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, spoke out about the notorious criminal.

"He has had over 100 violations since he was incarcerated, which has been a very long time," spokeswoman Kristina Khokhobashvili said while talking to People magazine.

Some of Manson's most recent violations at the Corcoran State Prison include: threatening prison staff, possession of a weapon, assault, failing to provide a urine sample for random drug testing, and getting caught with contraband mobile phones.

The man who helped convict Charles Manson, retired Los Angeles County prosecutor Stephen Kay, dished on what the cult leader was like in prison.

"He was a nasty prisoner," Kay said. "He threw hot coffee on a guard and spit on a guard's face. He had a saw blade in the sole of a shoe. He was making little dolls, but they were like voodoo dolls of people, and he would stick needles in them hoping to injure the live person the doll was fashioned after. He said his main activity was making those dolls."

Kay explained that Manson had a particular distaste for female prison guards.

"He was especially nasty to the female guards," Kay said. "He never had any respect for women. Women were to be used."

According to the Los Angeles Times, prison guards at the California medical Facility in Vacaville discovered a hacksaw blade, as well as marijuana and LSD. They also found nylon rope and a magazine that explained how to buy a hot-air balloon. The objects led the law enforcement officials to believe that Manson was in the process of planning a prison escape attempt.

Manson also managed to make enemies out of his fellow prison mates.

"They were in the model shop and Manson got into a religious argument with a Hare Krishna, and the Hare Krishna poured lighter fluid on him and lit him up," Kay about an incident dubbed the Vacaville assault.

Kay continued by saying: "He has a lot of scarring on his upper body. I don't know if he started it but he didn't finish it. He was in the general prison population, and after that incident they decided they couldn't have him in general population anymore. He was at risk of being severely injured."

Earlier this week, Charles Manson was taken to the hospital after suffering from gastrointestinal issues.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that Manson's "son," Matthew Roberts, was on his way to the hospital to visit with the man he believes to be his father. Check out why Roberts wanted to visit Manson here.

Manson became a fixture in the media after his cult following, which he referred to as the Manson Family, went on a killing spree in Los Angeles back in 1969. He was found guilty in court in 1971, and has been in prison ever since then.

Check out Charles Manson's most bizarre on camera moments here.

What are your thoughts about Charles Manson committing over 100 prison violations?


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