Breaking: Multiple Injuries At New Jersey Commuter Station As Train Crashes Into Station

A train has crashed into the Hoboken commuter station located in New Jersey. There are multiple people injured and the station's ceiling is collapsing, officials say.

Reports are saying the commuter train just blew through a stop.

20 people are on the ground and being treated for different injuries in a triage area. Many are bleeding and a few appear to have head injuries.

A first responder has been reported saying to the victims, "If you're injured and you can walk, follow me."

One of the train passengers, Kirby Fischer, 31, was in the first car of the train that hit the station.

"I was in the first car. It didn't stop," Fischer tells PEOPLE. "When we hit, the ceiling came in and people were screaming all around us.... I pulled the emergency stop and we pushed a window out. People were saying we should stay on the train but I just wanted to get out. I climbed out a window on the right side of the train."

Fischer added, "I can't believe this happened. I hope everyone's okay."

NJ Transit, PATH and Hudson Bergen Light Rail Service service in and out of Hoboken station has been shut down, NJ Transit tweeted.


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