Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Will Take Drastic Steps If Donald Trump Becomes President

No matter the election, people are always threatening to leave America and move to Canada. This election is far from an exception. The latest person to consider moving across the border is Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston.

During an interview with "The Bestseller Experiment," Cranston was asked about the 2016 presidential election. He was asked his opinion on the GOP candidate, Donald Trump, and whether or not Cranston would take an extended vacation to Vancouver if Trump happened to win.

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(Photo: Facebook / Bryan Cranston)

"It wouldn't be a vacation, I'd be an expatriate," Cranston admitted. "Absolutely. I would definitely move! It is not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won't."

So it seems that Canada could be adding Cranston to its list of citizens – and its list of great actors. Though it's hard to tell what will actually happen when the election is over, people on both sides of the issue have considered switching countries.

As for Cranston's opinion on Trump, it turns out that though he hates his politics and the idea that he could be president, he finds him interesting in a story character kind of way.

"He's such a tragic Shakespearean character," Cranston explains. "He's comedic because of the tragedy of this man's soul. The delusion that he has, the supreme narcissism. In the States, there will be classes taught on this election period. There will be books written, movies made because of the anomaly he presented."

Perhaps we could all be watching Cranston play Trump in a film in the future.


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