Brad Pitt Wants To Star In Fight Club Author's New Movie Adaptation

Fight Club came out in 1999, almost 20 years ago, but it is still as popular as ever. Now fans of the movie will get the chance to see a movie adaptation of another of Chuck Palahniuk's novels, Lullaby. What's more, a familiar face is interested in playing the lead – none other than Brad Pitt.

Recently the Fight Club author sat down to talk about his latest project, which includes sequels, coloring books, graphic novels, and the upcoming Lullaby film.

(Photo: IMDB)

Lullaby, a horror-satire novel, is not related to the Fight Club series, however, it seems that Tyler Druden actor, Brad Pitt is very interested in starring in the lead role. There are few details about the project overall, but hopefully there will be more information once Palahniuk hears from Pitt about the part.

"[The film] is a little stuck at the moment because Brad has expressed interest in playing the lead," Palahniuk said. "The script is on his desk, but with the ongoing problems in his personal life, we are waiting for them to be settled to have a chance at casting him."

However, things do continue to move forward for Palahniuk. Though he never imagined that Fight Club would be published, let alone become the cult hit is it, he is currently working on a couple of sequels to the original novel. Fight Club 2 is available as a graphic novel, and it's likely the third book in the series will also be released in that format.


So, if you're a fan of either Palahniuk's or Pitt's, it looks like there are a few new projects the two could do together in the future.

[H/T Hindustantimes]