Apple App Store Adds Small, But Much Needed 'Notify' Button

On Wednesday, Apple revealed the exciting news that a brand new game called Super Mario Run would be coming to the app store. The latest development from the tech company was unveiled in an image of the new App Store. The small feature is a "Notify" button that was unavailable in previous versions of the store.

Clearly the higher-ups at Apple believe that the launch of Super Mario Run will demand a new system in order for customers to pre-launch apps. Prior to the addition of the "Notify" button, pre-launch apps were strictly available via testing platforms such as Apple's Testflight or from third parties.

On the image from the new App Store, the normal "Get" button is not displayed in the upper left hand corner like it usually is for free apps. You will also notice that there also is not a price listed for the download. However, there is a bright orange button that reads "Notify" under the Mario icon and the awesome feature will alert your phone when a game or app becomes available.

(Photo: TechCrunch)

The "Notify" button shows up anywhere that you would typically see the option to download an app such as the product pages, App Store searches, or the app's own page, according to Tech Crunch.

A pop-up notification will appear on your screen that reads, "You're all set. We'll let you know when SUPER MARIO RUN is available." Once the App goes live, the notifications would then be pushed to the user's devices.

No word yet as to whether App developers will be able to use the "Notify" button, or if Apple is going to save this feature for the highly-anticpated, special apps such as the upcoming Mario game.

(Photo: TechCrunch)

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Do you think this was a much needed feature for Apple's App Store?

[H/T TechCrunch]