After Eating Two Goats, This Python Ballooned Up To A Mammoth Size

If you're afraid of snakes, then it's probably a good idea to stay away from Malaysia, especially one village in particular where a massive python recently ate not one, but two of their goats - whole.

Pythons are known for two things, being fairly big compared to many of your everyday snakes, and for crushing their prey to death before eating it whole. This python, however, blew everyone's minds when it managed to wolf down two goats.

The villagers, who were pretty mad that the serpent ate two of their most important farm animals were able to trap the python. It was actually pretty easy given the snake was almost unable to move given its large meal. Just imagine how you would feel if you ate two whole Thanksgiving dinner in one sitting and you might know how the python felt.

Also, there was a huge bulge in its belly where the partially digested goats were sitting, which made it really hard for the python to fit back in the hole it originally slithered through.

In an attempt to keep the snake distracted so it could be tied up, some of the villagers started to poke at it with sticks. This allowed others to tie it up, so it could be transported away from the village and any other important livestock.

"This was the longest python I have ever seen," said one villager.

It took three men to load the 16-foot long snake up into a flatbed truck. The greedy python was probably regretting eating so much at one time. Perhaps if he had only gotten one goat, he wouldn't be in a big of a food coma and could have run away.


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[H/T Daily Mail]