A Hickey Led To A Fatal Stroke

(Photo: Tumblr)

In a truly terrifying situation, a teenager has died after a hickey from his girlfriend went on to cause a blood clot that resulted in a fatal stroke.

When 17-year-old Mexico City teen, Julio Macias Gonzalez, started convulsing while at the dinner table, the paramedics were called to his home. He was treated at the scene but was unable to be saved.

According to Pedestrian TV, Gonzalez's 24-year-old girlfriend gave him the love bite earlier that evening. The hickey then triggered a blood clot that affected his brain thus causing the stroke.

Gonzalez's family has been blaming the girlfriend for his death, and she has now reportedly disappeared.

While this event is an extremely rare occurrence, it's not the first time a hickey has triggered an extremely serious reaction.

The only other documented case of a hickey-related stroke happened in New Zealand in 2011. The 44-year-old woman who received the hickey did not die, but lost the movement in her left arm after having the stroke.

The doctor who treated the woman at Auckland's Middlemore Hospital, Dr. Teddy Wu, stated, "To my knowledge, it's the first time someone has been hospitalized by a hickey." It actually wasn't until doctors pinpointed the hickey on the right side of her neck that they realized that it caused the clot in her artery.

Strokes and blood clots are a much-less common side effect of a hickey. The more normal effects such as unsightly bruises and a bit of swelling.


Have you ever heard of any other awful reactions after someone received a hickey?

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