50 Healthy Green Smoothies You Will Love

Whether it's breakfast or an afternoon snack, a healthy smoothie is a stellar choice. It's good for you, tasty, and an easy way to get your fruits and veggies. Check out these healthy green smoothies!

1. Green Monster Smoothie: This is an office favorite! It's delicious and filled with healthy ingredients to keep you full. Click here to see the recipe.

2. Green Tea Smoothie: Bet you didn't think you'd see tea on this list, did you? Green tea is light, mild, refreshing and perfect for a warm summer day, especially in smoothie form. See the recipe here!

Skinny Mom Green Tea Smoothie

3. Green Strawberry Banana Smoothie: A nice blend of fruits and veggies, this smoothie will make for a quick and easy healthy snack. To see the recipe, click here.

green strawberry banana smoothie

4. Ginger and Spinach Green Smoothie: If you've got ginger on hand, this is a great smoothie to try out. The ginger adds some spice while the mango and cucumber keep it sweet and fresh. (via Love & Olive Oil)

5. Green Booster Smoothie: A smoothie made with bell pepper sounds like it would be weird, but it holds a powerful boost of energy and the spinach gives you tons of protein. Great for a pre-workout drink! (via Greatist)

6. Cucumber and Dill Smoothie: Whether you need to cool off or you're just looking for a healthy lunch, this smoothie is a great choice! (via Greatist)

cucumber and dill smoothie
(Photo: Greatist)

7. Limeade Green Smoothie: This smoothie actually tastes like limeade and is filled with the fruits and veggies your body needs! (via Bake Your Day)

8. Coconut Peach Green Smoothie: Green doesn't mean gross! This is a tasty treat your body will thank you for. (via Simple Green Smoothies)

Coconut Peach
(Photo: Simple Green Smoothies)

9. Avocado Coconut Smoothie: At only 5 ingredients, this is an easy smoothie to throw together and take on the go for a fast and healthy breakfast! (via Chew Out Loud)

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10. Superfood Power Smoothie: Packed with nutrients, this smoothie is delicious, and has no added sugars. (via Sally's Baking Addiction)

Super Foods Smoothie
(Photo: Sally's Baking Addiction)

11. Green Energy Detox Cleanse Drink: Did you over-indulge? This is a cleansing drink to help you detox after a big meal. Get the recipe here.

12. Tropical Green Smoothie: Can't make it to the beach? With this smoothie you can close your eyes and be there. (via Recipe Girl)

(Photo: Recipe Girl)

13. Pineapple Chia Green Smoothie: Throw together this healthy smoothie for an afternoon refreshment! (via Jelly Toast)

14. Almond Butter Spinach Smoothie: This smoothie is a healthy breakfast option because it'll keep you full all the way to lunch! (via What's Gaby Cooking?)

almond butter spinach smoothie
(Photo: What's Gaby Cooking?)

15. Simple Green Smoothie: Easy to make, easy to eat, this smoothie is packed with veggies but tastes wonderful! (via A Spicy Perspective)

16. Cold Buster Smoothie: Feeling under the weather? Try a low-calorie smoothie packed with nutrients to get you back on the upswing! (via Running to the Kitchen)

cold buster smoothie
(Photo: Running to the Kitchen)

17. Lime and Mint Mojito Smoothie: Save the calories and sugar from alcohol and trade them in for a healthy smoothie! (via Wonky Wonderful)

18. Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie: Tangy citrus and sweet vanilla blended to create a guilt-free smoothie! (via Kitchen Treaty)

Lime Vanilla Green Smoothie
(Photo: Kitchen Treaty)

19. Grapefruit and Kale Green Smoothie: Enjoy a sweet and tangy flavor while you get your veggies in for the day! (via Wonky Wonderful)

20. Reese's Spinach Smoothie: Peanut butter, chocolate and... spinach. Sounds weird but it's actually delicious! (via Nosh and Nourish)

reeses spinach smoothie
(Photo: Nosh and Nourish)

21. Spring Detox Smoothie: Cleanse yourself with this detoxifying smoothie. It's made with healthy and wholesome ingredients to give your body what it needs! (via Hello Natural)

22. Ginger-Orange Green Smoothie: With fresh orange juice, it's like a sip of sunshine. (via Brigid Gallagher)

ginger orange green smoothie
(Photo: Brigid Gallagher)

23. Green Start Smoothie: Wake up with a tasty, filling and satisfying smoothie! This will get you ready for your busy day. (via Kath Eats)

24. Peachy Green Protein Smoothie: Make it for lunch or post-workout, because this smoothie gives your body what it needs. (via Daily Burn)

Peachy Green Smoothie
(Photo: Daily Burn)

25. Sweet Honeydew Mint Smoothie: Refreshing and sweet, this is a fabulous drink everyone will love. (via Will Cook For Friends)

26. Kale Piña-Covado Protein Smoothie: Get your protein in with this tasty and healthy smoothie. (via Delicious by Dre)

kale pina-covado protein smoothie
(Photo: Delicious by Dre)

27. Happy Green Monster: This is a fruity flavored veggie smoothie that will keep your tummy happy! (via The Little Epicurean)

28. Beginner Green Tea Smoothie: This smoothie is good for beginners, so if you've just bought your first blender try out this recipe. (via Jeanette's Healthy Living)

green tea smoothie
(Photo: Jeanette's Healthy Lving)

29. Healthy Green Smoothie: Avocado-based, this smoothie is a healthy vegan option for the whole family. (via Alida's Kitchen)

30. Tropical Green Smoothie: Get a fruity flavor while you actually drink A LOT of spinach. It tastes so good you won't realize you're eating so clean! (via 52 Kitchen Adventures)

Tropical Green Smoothie
(Photo: 52 Kitchen Adventures)

31. Tropical Cure-All: Not feeling so hot? Filling your body with whole foods (blended up) is a great way to get better! (via Spabettie)

tropical cure all
(Photo: Spabettie)

32. Debloating Smoothie: Feeling bloated? Try this creamy concoction! (via Peanut Butter and Peppers)

33. Vitamin C Cold Bustin' Green Smoothie: If you've got a stubborn cold, this smoothie will give you the vitamin C you need to fight it off. (via Tone and Tighten)

34. Green Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie: This smoothie is a dream come true! (via Oh My Veggies)

green orange dreamsicle
(Photo: Oh My Veggies)

35. Healthy Green Smoothie: This is one of the rare greens smoothies that isn't actually a green color, thanks to the berries! (via Six Sisters' Stuff)

36. The Green Goblin: The spinach flavor gets completely masked in all the yummy fruits, so this is a smoothie everyone will love. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

green smoothie
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)

37. Coconut Green Smoothie: Your smoothie just got sweeter! This tropical flavor will have your whole family asking for more. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

38. Jolly Green Smoothie: Let your healthy smoothie put you in a jolly good mood! (via Blend Tec)

jolly green smoothie
(Photo: Blend Tec)

39. Green Warrior Protein Smoothie: With 17 grams of protein, this smoothie is perfect for a gym junkie. (via Oh She Glows)

40. Peppermint Patty Protein Smoothie: Need some freshness? This minty monster will leave you feeling fresh as can be. (via Oh She Glows)

peppermint patty green smoothie
(Photo: Oh She Glows)

41. Strawberry Ginger Zinger: Ginger adds some spice while strawberries make it sweet. (via Simple Green Smoothies)

Strawberry Ginger Zinger
(Photo: Simple Green Smoothies)

42. Iced Mocha Green Monster: Get your veggies in with your morning coffee with this tasty recipe! (via Oh She Glows)

43. Avocado Smoothie: Avocados are crazy healthy for you. They're an awesome superfood, so it only makes sense to put them in a green smoothie! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

avocado smothie
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

44. Green Machine: Made with kale, apples and more, this smoothie is tasty and good for you. (via Cookie and Kate)

45. Vegan Green Chocolate Banana Smoothie: Another green smoothie to sneak vegetables to your kids, this one tastes like dessert! (via Kitchen Treaty)

46. Chocolate Raspberry Sneaky Green Smoothie: This doesn't look or taste like a green smoothie, but it's got spinach and flax seed. (via Kitchen Treaty)

Chocolate Raspberry Sneaky
(Photo: Kitchen Treaty)

47. Silky Green Tofu Smoothie: Tofu in a smoothie sounds weird, but it's more than worth trying! (via The Blonde Vegan)

48. Berry Green Smoothie: This smoothie is made with tons of greens, but it's actually purple. Healthy in every way and equally delicious! (via Weelicious)

Berry Green Smoothie
(Photo: Weelicious)

49. Berry Green Smoothie: Green from veggies, tasty from berries! (via This Rawsome Vegan Life)

50. Apple Banana Green Smoothie: This is a tasty blend of fruits and veggies that the whole family will enjoy! (via The Messy Baker Blog)

apple banana green smoothies
(Photo: The Messy Baker Blog)