What's Worse? A Glazed Donut Or Skipping Breakfast?

Which is worse? Eating a glazed donut for breakfast or not eating breakfast at all?

The answer might surprise you!

"Skipping breakfast is worse," says Sarina Jain, a NYC trainer. "You must have breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day and starts off your day on the right foot."

It turns out that skipping breakfast is worse for your body than you might think! Eating protein for breakfast is the best way to start your day, as it keeps you full and gives you the energy to power through your morning. But if the question is this: donut or no food at all, it's much better to choose the donut until you can get some protein. Foods high in calories and carbs can make you feel lethargic, but not as sleepy as if you'd eaten nothing at all.

colorful donuts with icing and sprinkles

"Without any fuel in your body, you're never going to be able to run, work or think at your best. You'll feel sluggish and tired," said NBC's TODAY Jenna Wolfe and author of THINNER in 30!


"Sure, skipping breakfast may reduce the number of calories you consume," Wolfe says, "but coming off an entire night of sleep where your body is already in a dehydrated and hungry state, you need something... anything...to rev up your metabolism. Granted, a donut is a just a round vessel of empty calories and even my 3-year old knows it's not 'breakfast food', but if given the choice between the two, the lesser evil would be the donut."

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