Watch: Model Iskra Lawrence Strips Layer by Layer in Emotional Video

Iskra Lawrence has quickly made a name for herself when it comes to body positivity. The 26-year-old model graces Aerie billboards across the world in unretouched photos and boasts almost 3 million followers on Instagram.

So it comes as no surprise to watch her discuss her emotional fight with her own body image in a video for StyleLikeU.

In the video, Lawrence starts fully clothed, and as she tells her brutally honest story, she strips layer by layer until she is crying in her underwear.

💕 if u follow me u already know I just want u to believe there is no such thing as perfect. I used to see photoshopped images and think well if they think I'm more beautiful with no lil rolls, cellulite or my thread veins then those are flaws, and I shouldn't have them. WTFFFFFF??? there's nothing wrong with any of those things...I refuse to airbrush my own body on social media cus I know my beauty is more than skin deep - that my worth and value isn't based on how "perfect" I am. This body makes me proud because it's healthy and all mine that it allows me to do so much. I've been a model for 13years and I'm grateful I have all of you to connect w & create images I'm proud of cus they are real / not retouched. Thank you bbygirl @blessedpixels for shootin me in my new @aerie shizzle 😘 #Iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful #AerieReal

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"For so many years I thought I wasn't good enough," she says, recalling the time she first signed with a modeling agency at the ripe age of 13. "I was googling things like, is there an operation to cut my calf muscles? Crazy things."

By the end of the video, she shares how far she has come on her journey of body positivity and self-respect.


"When you are happy and at one with yourself and have come to peace with who you are, to me, that's beauty," she says.

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