Watch: 11-Year-Old Dancer Talks About Being the Only Boy in His Ballet Class

Gabriel Romero is the only boy in his dance classes, but that doesn't faze him at all.

The 11-year-old boy, who practices at Thom McIntyre's Philadelphia Dance Center, is incredibly passionate about dance.

"When I walk into class and I see that I'm the only boy there, it doesn't affect me," he told 60 Second Docs.

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He believes other boys don't dance because they are narrow-minded about the sport. "Of course, I would love for more boys to be encouraged to dance," he continued, "but most boys just think in one direction. 'Dancing is for sissies, it's girly,' but it takes as much effort to be a football player as it is for a dancer."

Romero is so well spoken about his love of dance, especially at such a young age and describes it as an "art."

He adds, "It's some way to put your emotions into movement. It takes a lot of brainpower and memory to remember all the routines and perfect them."


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