Top 15 Health Stories from 2014

In the new year, you want to be the healthiest version of yourself possible. A great way to better yourself is to look back and see what you've done right and wrong. We decided to look back as well, and we picked the best 15 health stories of the year to help you on your path to a healthier you!

8 Ways To Detox your Body: Have you ever wanted to try a detox? It's a great way to get your body cleansed for the new year! Here are 8 ways you can detox!

Surviving the Six Stages of Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a woman can go through. If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the new year, learn to recognize and cope with each stage of pregnancy.


Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy: As a mom-to-be, you want your baby to be happy and healthy. It's never too early to start! There is a list of foods you should avoid while you're carrying and you can see them all here.

The Key Ingredient Causing Belly Fat in Women: Not all fats are bad fats! In fact, there are a number of healthy fats your body requires. It's the bad ones that tend to sneak into your foods without you realizing. Find out what you should be avoiding to keep away the belly bulge!

How to Announce When You’re Expecting: 10 Adorable Ways to Share Pregnancy News: Planning to become pregnant this year? We found some incredibly cute ways to share the big news with your friends and family! Check them out here.

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14 Brain Power Snacks For Your Kids: Keep your kids healthy and active with these snacks! Prepare them for weekend afternoons or after-school snacks. See these kid-friendly and mom approved snacks here.

Healthy Grocery List by 'Biggest Loser' Dietician: We asked Lou Ann Chvatal, dietician for "The Biggest Loser," how best to prepare a grocery list. What should your fridge be full of? Click here to find out.

6 Things You Should Know About The First Six Months of Having A Baby: After 9 months of carrying, your whole life changes. Suddenly you are responsible for a human life! There are a lot of things you need to know about having a baby, so here are six tips to help you cope during the first six months.

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5 Foods That Are Killing Your Metabolism: You are trying to eat healthy but you haven't seen any results. Could you be eating foods that are slowing down your metabolism? Find out here.

10 Meditation Tips for Beginners: Need some peace and quiet in your life? It's not a crime to take some time out of your day for yourself! Meditation is a great way to relive stress and has numerous health benefits. Try out some meditation using these 10 tips.

Something Smells Funny Down there: 10 Possible Reasons Why: Got a funky smell wafting up from between your thighs? It could be something minor, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Check out some common causes and consult your OBGYN.

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Is It Time For a Detox? Anyone who has ever done a detox has probably tried to tell you all about their detox. But is it for you? With all the different kinds of detoxes swirling around the internet, you may need some more facts! Find out here.

Weight Loss Mistakes Every Woman Makes: Weight loss boils down to one thing – input & output. But if you’ve tried to cut the calories, you know how hard it can be. Most women are making the same mistakes without even realizing it! Click here to read more.

The Real Reason Your Stomach is Holding Onto Fat: Belly fat can be one of the hardest spots to get rid of. It's stubborn and hard to target. What is it that makes it that way? Click here to find out!


What Exactly IS Cellulite? Cellulite: That gross, lumpy, unsightly stuff that sits on your butt and thighs. What is it? Why do woman get it? How can you get rid of it? Get the facts here.

What were some of your favorite health stories of 2014? Share with us in the comments below!