Too Good to Be True? A Look at Kale Powder's Insane Superfood Powers

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We are all aware of the superpowers of kale. Its colossal amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, its ability to lower cholesterol, and its cancer-fighting agents make it one of the most nutrient-dense veggies out there. Of all the healthy superfoods on the market, it is hard to refute that kale is king. Kale now appears in many forms: It can be transformed into tasty summer salads, chips, green smoothies, and even a substance called kale powder. This highly concentrated kale substance is packed with benefits, including the ability to lower your blood pressure! Take a look below to learn more.

Many people hold fast to the belief that veggie powders are "cheating," and that they don't actually contain as much nutrition as the veggies you find in your local grocery store. We're here to tell you that's just not true! It's difficult for the majority of us to incorporate enough nutrients into our diet. The daily recommendation for women ages 19 to 50 is at least 2.5 cups of veggies a day, and even more if you exercise for more than 30 minutes! Many of us fall way short of that, but fear not! Kale powder gives us the opportunity to fill in those gaps. Experts agree that you get the same vitamins, minerals and antioxidants out of the powder as you do out of the plant. Kale leaves are freeze-dried in order to preserve all of the freshness and nutrients in the powder. Kale and kale powder include hearty doses of:

In fact, a single tablespoon of kale powder contains more than your daily recommendations of vitamin K and nearly 100 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements!

Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

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Kale powder is the perfect solution if you aren't fond of the taste or texture of this leafy powerhouse. Plus, the benefits are ridiculous! Kale and kale powder have been used as ways to promote arterial health, strengthen bones, fight off cancer-causing agents, detoxify our bodies, and more. Some of the other benefits include:


In addition to its many nutritional properties, kale powder is also incredibly easy to make. You can either freeze dry it or cook it before grinding it into powder. We recommend sticking with the freeze-dried method, as it preserves the many benefits of the plant. If you aren't too fond of the flavor of kale, you can even season the powder with olive oil and sea salt, or any other spices you like. You can use the powder in a variety of different recipes, including soups, breads, smoothies or shakes, popcorn (as a seasoning) and more! If you're brave enough, you can even dump a teaspoon or two into a glass of water and drink it straight! The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to this miraculous little plant.

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