This Mom of Triplets Is Showing Off Her Postpartum Belly for the Best Reason Ever

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(Photo: Our Journey to Parenthood)

Even though Desiree Fortin gave birth to her triplets in August 2015, strangers still congratulate her on her "baby bump" 17 months later.

"I brushed it off the first time, but when it happened again I felt self-conscious," the mom of Charlize, Jax and Sawyer told Us Weekly. "I remember even asking my sisters, 'Do I look pregnant?'"

Although comments like that might hurt, Fortin decided to look at it another way.

In a January 31 blog post, Fortin recounted her three-year struggle to get pregnant before finding success with IVF.

She showed off photos of her postpartum stomach, taking pride in what she calls her "hope wounds" instead of being ashamed by them.

(Photo: Our Journey to Parenthood)

"Even though I may have a little extra pooch and lots of tiger stripes, I longed for wounds like these," began the 30-year-old from Encinitas, California. "My hope wounds … are reminders of the excruciating pain and grief infertility caused my heart. They are pure beauty because they represent my miracles."

Fortin recalled how a perinatologist told her she would never have triplets. "I was too thin, too short — and it was my first pregnancy. However, my hope wounds proved her wrong. Not only did I deliver our babies 1 day past our goal date, but they were nearly 5 pounds each. My body did that!!! God did that!!!"

(Photo: Our Journey to Parenthood)

Showing off her "hope wounds," Fortin posed in a milk bath with her tummy on full display.


"Behind every wrinkle and every tiger stripe is a story and a strong woman who brought life into this world," she said. "Our postpartum bodies are such a huge part of who we are. We should be proud of them."


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