This Is What the Oldest Woman Alive Eats Every Single Day

emma morano oldest woman alive
(Photo: Photo via 9 News)

If you believe eggs are the breakfast of champions, then you're in good company.

Emma Morano, born in 1899, is now the oldest woman alive at 117 years old. Living in Northern Italy, one would think fresh fruit, an exorbitant amount of nutrient-dense vegetables and healthy fats would fill her plate, but Morano doesn't roll like that.

According to an interview with Agence France-Presse, Morano says that she lives off mostly cookies and raw eggs - two per day to be exact.

Morano's doctor, Dr. Brava, states, "The diet would have destroyed the liver of most people. But with Emma, I think she could even eaten pebbles and she would still have lived a very long time." "I think her secret is genetic. All of her family lived a very long time."