This Is What It Takes to Get a Body Like Julianne Hough’s

(Photo: Instagram / @juleshough)

When you're working out, what (or who) is your fitspo? If your motivation is feeling good (both mentally and physically), you and Julianne Hough have something in common! Here we share the dancing queen's typical diet and fitness routine so you can get one step closer to your healthy lifestyle goals.

Now that the 28-year-old dancer, singer and actress is gracing our TV screens again as a judge on Dancing With The Stars, it's time to take a look into her daily routine. Fitness is at the heart of Hough's lifestyle: "For me, it's not necessarily about my physical shape that I'm in, it's more of an internal shape. I'm just happier, I have more energy, I just feel better when I work out."

While she works out five days a week, Hough says she likes to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle — which means, yes, even Julianne Hough takes cheat days! Her go-to cheat meal? Pizza, pasta and wine. She'll allow herself one day of indulgence out of the week, then get back to eating clean and working out.

The super fit dancer doesn't like to use the word "diet" and instead chooses to live a healthy lifestyle. Check out a typical day of healthy eating and working out for Hough!

Hough and her Canadian hockey player fiancé Brooks Laich love to use their juicer, so Hough will throw in whatever mix of produce sounds good. "I usually like it a little sweeter, less bitter, so I put in a green apple, some spinach, kale," Hough said in an interview with Elle Magazine. "Again, if I want it sweeter, I'll put some carrots in. But I love ginger, and lemon too, so I'll put that in. Cucumber, celery, anything green, really. Sometimes I'll add beets too, depending on my mood." Whew!

"I usually try [to work out] five times a week...I love to start my day off with a workout," Hough said. "It doesn't have to be high-exertion, two hours, let's go. But anything that gets me up and going. Sometimes it's an hour and a half, sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's 45 minutes, just depends how I'm feeling on that day." She says that she varies her workouts because she gets bored with them pretty easily (who doesn't?). Think: yoga, spinning, hiking, personal trainer sessions, and lots of cardio, like dance classes, classes at studios like Body By Simone and Tracy Anderson, etc.

Post-workout snack
If it's not a protein shake, Hough sticks to a pretty specific post-workout meal: steamed eggs with tomato and avocado.

Lunch is a healthy wrap made up of a "salad-like concoction".

True to her clean eating lifestyle, Hough says she usually eats some sort of chicken or fish with veggies for dinner.

While she says she'd rather have a glass of wine than a sweet treat for dessert, her favorite indulgences are ice cream and sticky toffee pudding. If she's going to the movies, Milk Duds or Sour Patch Watermelons are her go to.


A few words of advice from Hough? One, don't overwork yourself. Take the time to reach your goals gradually. Change doesn't happen overnight! Two, kick fast food to the curb!

"As guilty and fun as it is to go through a drive-thru and get a cheeseburger or whatever, I just feel like you can make your own burger at home. You know what's going into it. You know where it came from. And it's just easy to go back and forth to those drive-thrus. Just kick that habit!"