These Memes Perfectly Sum Up Your Period

We get it. Our bodies are amazing, they truly are. We can grow another human inside of us. We have the ability to bring life into this world. And we'll be forever grateful for that gift. But in the meantime, we're cursed with painful, awkward, uncomfortable, seemingly never-ending periods every month, and we think we've earned our right to complain about them. Let these memes do the talking next time you're on bad terms with Mother Nature.

1. Just look at his smirk.

period meme jackhammer

2. Brace yourself.

period meme hurricane

3. Why does she have to be so cruel?

period memes mother nature

4. Just embrace it.

period meme liz lemon bloating

5. So should I buy a new bra, or...?

period meme cantaloupes

6. Guess I should have done laundry yesterday.

period meme undies

7. I could tell they really meant something else.

period meme lauren conrad

8. Oof.

period meme elephant

9. They say I look fine. But I know.

period meme violet

10. "Bad Blood" indeed.

period meme taylor swift

11. Bzzzzzz...

period meme thunderstorm

12. Luckily I'm going to need a glass or two of that wine.

period meme corkscrew

13. And then you say it's good for me?!

period meme chocolate

14. Bonded for life. Or at least this week.

period meme oprah

15. But probs not, to be honest.

period meme calories

16. The Snuggie is real.

period meme liz lemon snuggie

17. But really.

period meme angels


18. It feels like I'm floating!

period meme dancing

Inspired by Redbook!