The Number of Couples Who Actually Have Sex on Their Wedding Night Will Shock You

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We're not sure if it's all the television and movies we've seen that depict wedding night sex as the best thing since sliced bread, but we definitely didn't see the results of this survey coming.

According to a poll conducted by lingerie brand Bluebella, 52 percent of 1,000 couples who were surveyed didn't have sex on their wedding night.

Say what now?

This is particularly interesting, considering that nearly 90 percent of women also said they bought special lingerie for the occasion, Women's Health Mag reports. So we know it's generally in the plans then.

If that's the case, then why wait?

Women said they didn't commit to the act because they were either too exhausted, waiting for the perfect moment, too intoxicated or were traveling for their honeymoon.

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Men, on the other hand, didn't have sex with their new wives because they were either too drunk or, sadly, wanted to keep partying with their friends.

So when did they finally get to consummating the marriage?

A third of them tussled between the sheets the morning after the wedding, and one in 10 couples held out until 48 hours later.

Though if it's any consolation, 84 percent revealed that when they did finally have sex, it definitely lived up to their expectations.


Were you surprised by these results?


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