The Hot Flash Diet: The 3 Foods to Avoid During Menopause

When did Satan take up residence inside your smokin' mama body?Oh, he didn't? You're just having [...]

When did Satan take up residence inside your smokin' mama body?

Oh, he didn't? You're just having a hot flash?

Hot flashes are caused by changes in hormones and affect 85 percent of women during menopause. For those unfortunate enough to suffer from hot flashes, they experience an intense rise of internal body temperature that can cause excessive perspiration, redness in the face and all-around discomfort. And even though every woman experiences menopause differently, hardly any of the symptoms that she deals with are fun.

So maybe you did 70 minutes of cardio, guzzled water like it was from the fresh springs of Fiji, changed out of your tight yoga pants and now you're ready to chow down on a delicious meal. In order to take control over those uncomfortable hot flashes, you may want to avoid a few foods and beverages.

1. Alcohol: When you kick back with a glass of red wine, the blood flow to the heat-regulating center of the brain increases. Of course, increased blood flow equals increased heat because of faster-moving energy. That warm, flushed feeling is probably familiar to most of us and can prompt other parts of the body to work harder to cool it down. However, the North American Menopause Society states that alcohol may not trigger hot flashes for all menopausal women, so it's important to find out whether it does for you or not!

red wine

2. Caffeine: The Mayo Clinic released data in 2014 linking caffeine to worsened hot flashes and night sweats. While the preliminary study identified the connection but not reasons as to why, one of the leading authors, Stephanie S. Faubion said, "the most important takeaway is that women who are particularly bothered by hot flashes and night sweats consider reducing their caffeine intake."


3. Spicy foods: Yes, that green curry looks so warm and inviting but those green chilies could spell disaster for you if you're going through menopause. Although spicy foods can boost your metabolism, they may also bolster your hot flashes, because your internal body temperature is being forced to rise with the presence of capsaicin.

red pepper

If you should start to feel a hot flash coming on even after consuming a light meal, start taking deep and slow breaths. Press something cold against your core and drink plenty of water. Don't be embarrassed– so many fellow mamas are in the same boat as you. And menopause isn't the boss of any of you.