The Coolest Gadgets For Expecting Women

Being pregnant comes with a lot of different emotions, from overjoyed to terrified. We can't make it go any faster, but maybe we can make it a little more fun and exciting! With these gadgets, you can track your pregnancy and learn more about what's going on in there with baby.

Belly Buds: Why should you get all the fun of listening to music? Baby is probably bored sitting in your tummy for nine months. With these headphones, your baby can enjoy the same music as you! To learn more about belly buds, click here.

belly buds
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Pinard Stethoscope: This simple and inexpensive device is a great way to get in touch with baby! Use it to listen to the fetal heartbeat until the big day arrives. It's a little tricky to find it at first and differentiate it from your own, but once you do, it can be pretty cool! Order one online here.

pinard stethoscope
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Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor: If you're looking for something a little more high-tech, this is the product for you! With this device you won't need to wait until your next doctor appointment to hear your baby's heartbeat! Get yours online by clicking here.

fetal doppler
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Bio Band: Many women experience morning sickness in the early stages of their pregnancy. To combat this, you can try out a Bio Band! It's a chemical-free wristband that uses acupressure to relieve nausea. Like many things, you should consult your doctor before trying it out. Click here to learn more and here to order it online.

bio band
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Kick Track: Is the baby kicking a lot? This device helps you to track your baby's kicks. Not only will you feel a little closer with the baby, but it will help you to better understand what exactly is going on. Click here for more info.

kick track
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Qardio Smart Scale: It's inevitable that you'll gain at least a little weight when you're pregnant. This scale (coming soon) is the only smart scale to have a pregnancy mode! How much weight gain is too much? This scale can help! Pre-order it here.

scale feet
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