The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cramps

New data from the secret sharing site Whisper reveals that when it comes to dealing with our periods, we're walking, talking, sleeping, bitching PMS clichés. No shame, ladies! Women's Health has the scoop on "that" time of the month below.

When the site scoured period-related Whispers and polled more than 50,000 users, they found that most of us revert to old standbys to ease our cramps and moodiness: More than 34 percent of us sleep it off, 33 percent indulge in junk food, and 23 percent of us binge-watch Netflix until we feel less like murdering someone. Nearly 10 percent of us say "eff it" and go to town with wine and chocolate. Experts tell us there are better ways to cope, but we say whatever gets you through the month.

Women's Health infographic how women deal with periods
(Photo: Women's Health)

For more period-related trivia, click here to see the original article from Women's Health.


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