The Best Portion Control Hack We've Ever Seen for Pasta Lovers

Leftover pasta? Make @giadadelaurentiis' genius pasta "nests" 🍝 Great for kids' lunch too!

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If you're a Giada De Laurentiis fan, then surely you've seen her new lifestyle site, Giadzy. But have you seen this incredible spaghetti nests recipe?

Rather than simply reheating leftover spaghetti, De Laurentiis shows off her creative foodie skills by making individual muffin-tin servings of leftover pasta. Not only does this simple recipe look delicious, but you can use this clever portion control hack for any decadent pasta dish.

Pro tip: Use whole wheat pasta for a calorie-saving, nutrient-enriching punch. If you're adding marinara sauce, make sure it's low in sugar. Add some cherry tomatoes for balance. Another healthy hack? Use a little less cheese than the recipe calls for.

Bon appetit!



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