Step Up Your Ketchup With 7 Homemade Condiments

Your backyard barbecue or cookout isn’t complete without a table full of fixins starring tomatoes, pickles, onions, lettuce, slaws and condiments. But buying pre-made sauces that pack loads of added sugar and preservatives can easily counter the healthy veggies you’ve displayed. Mixing up your own homemade condiments is simple and it will make burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs a bit healthier for you and your guests. Check out these recipes for healthier condiments, perfect to serve at your end of summer parties!


1. Ketchup: It’s time to step up your ketchup with our lower sugar homemade version. While a serving of Heinz ketchup contains 4 grams of sugar and 160 milligrams of sodium, this tasty option has only 2 grams of sugar and 54 milligrams of sodium, plus only 13 calories. Watch the video below to learn how to make it yourself or click here for the recipe!

2. Mustard: This beloved burger topping often contains added sulfites, alcohol or sugar, so do your guests a favor and create your own. The Healthy Foodie's whole-grain mustard recipe contains only seven ingredients, is Paleo-friendly and can be customized easily to fit your tastes! (via The Healthy Foodie)

whole grain mustard homemade
(Photo: The Healthy Foodie)

3. Mayonnaise: Mayo is often a topping dieters steer clear of due to its high fat content. But this homemade version by Wellness Mama is a healthier alternative that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and is a strong source of protein and good fats. It requires only six ingredients and five minutes of your time! Your guests will love having this light option as a tasty meal topper. (via Wellness Mama)

homemade mayonnaise
(Photo: Wellness Mama)

4. Ranch dressing: Ranch is a popular condiment for just about anything; we put it on chips, burgers, sandwiches and more. But popular ranch dressings contain about 15 grams of fat and 150 calories. Our Light Chipotle Ranch dressing is 50 calories per serving, contains 2 grams of fat and is just the kick your favorite foods need. Check it out here!

light chipotle ranch

5. BBQ sauce: You can’t have a barbecue without sweet, spicy and smokin’ BBQ sauce options. However, many of your favorites might be loaded with white and brown sugar. This sauce was carefully crafted to be a healthy, flavor packed option with only necessary ingredients. It’s just the right blend of sweet and saucy! (via Primally Inspired)

homemade healthy barbecue sauce
(Photo: Primally Inspired)

6. Guacamole: This stuff isn't just for chips; it's becoming a popular topping for burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches! Avocados pack this condiment with fiber, healthy fats and potassium but you'll get maximum flavor and nutrition if your make it yourself! This Zesty 5-Minute Guacamole is made with only 5 ingredients and each serving is only 114 calories! Spread it on your burger for a fun, fresh flavor. Click here to check out the recipe!

7. Sweet Pickle Relish: This recipe by Heavenly Homemakers uses half the sugar of other sweet pickle relishes and dehydrated cane sugar in place of white or brown sugar. You can make this recipe using only nine ingredients and it yields over six pints! You’ll have enough to give to your guests who can’t get enough of it on top of their brats or hot dogs. (via Heavenly Homemakers)


homemade relish
(Photo: Heavenly Homemakers)

Don’t have time to make your own condiments? A few brands have created healthier options that you can quickly grab at the grocery. For ketchup, try Annie’s Organic Ketchup. If you need mustard in a pinch, try Gulden’s, available in Spicy Brown, Yellow or Golden Honey Mustard.