Should You Be Drinking Bone Broth?

bone broth

Long ago, our ancestors dined on foods now found in the archives of the Paleo Diet. Hunter-gatherers would drop fire-heated rocks into the bellies of whatever animal they took back to the cave for dinner, making today’s “trend beverage” called bone broth. Some say it’s one of the most nutritious foods you can add to your diet and its effect on the digestive system can improve health and fight disease. Regardless, bone broth has been an ever-simmering staple throughout history and there is certainly something to be said for its continual popularity.

Bone broth is traditionally made by boiling a mixture of animal bones. As the broth simmers, the tissue breaks down and leaves the protein, collagen and minerals behind. It is well known that broth can settle an upset stomach or calm nerves, apparent in its warm, soothing nature, but as bone broth replaces a morning espresso, more benefits of the hearty soup-like product are coming to light.

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As a child, surely you heard that chicken soup could cure a cold and in fact, it is said that it speeds up healing and recuperation. A natural amino called cysteine is found in chicken and helps break down the mucus in your lungs. If made with spicy ingredients, it’s even more effective in making it easier to breathe. Further, homemade broth isn’t processed like the canned soup you find at the store, which makes bone broth a sure choice for helping a cold.


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According to High 50 Health, the benefits of bone broth extend to include healthy hair, skin and nails, digestive healing, a stronger immune system, better sleep and memory, and even healthier bones. Dr. Kaayla Daniel, coauthor of "Nourishing Broth," told Healthwire that bone broth is “an old-fashioned remedy for the modern world.” Its healing properties have been acknowledged for years and it’s made its way into the to-go cups of Americans, namely the customers of New York City’s Brodo, where chef Marco Canora has capitalized on the comforting hot beverage’s growing popularity. Canora sells three different flavors with a selection of add-in ingredients that make a heartier snack.


Whether or not bone broth is the magical, all-healing substance some claim it to be, the abundance of nutrients it provides along with its calming properties make it an unavoidable go-to snack this winter. Perhaps bone broth will be the next health craze to sweep the nation. So grab a mug, fill it up, and drink up!

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