Science Says This One Habit Can Make You Instantly Happier Today

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Do you have a mantra that you tend to repeat to yourself?

Well science can now prove repeating mantras can actually improve your happiness. Scientists say that if people adopt the habit of reciting a mantra to themselves on a regular basis, they can actually alter their chemical state of mind and become happier and less stressed out.

The journal Brain and Behavior published a study in 2015 that showed how brain activity changes while you repeat a mantra to yourself.

You can slow down the default mode network in your brain, which increases harsh self-judgment by repeating positive and meaningful statements to yourself.

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According to Alex Korb, neuroscientist and author of The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time, neurons communicate with each other as if they were friends.

"The more they communicate, the stronger their connection becomes," Korb said.

When you repeat positive statements to yourself, you are strengthening the connection between those neurons.


So, pick your favorite mantras and start saying them everyday. Make it a habit and you will hopeful have a stronger mind and a happier day.


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