Playlist: Music for Muscles

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(Photo: Shutterstock)

Ready to pump some iron? We've made a playlist that will pump you up just as much as the endorphins being released in your body. These songs will keep you going through your toughest sets and encourage you to do just one more rep!

Outta Your Mind — Lil John & LMFAO

My Chick Bad — Ludacris & Nikki Minaj

Mama Said Knock You Out — LL Cool J

Chelsea Dagger — The Fratellis

Animals — Maroon 5

Centuries — Fall Out Boy

Blame (feat. John Newman) — Calvin Harris

Dangerous (feat. Sam Martin) — David Guetta and Sam Martin

Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J) — Katy Perry

Sledgehammer — Fifth Harmony


Blind Heart (feat. Terri B!) — Cazzette

Lips Are Movin — Meghan Trainor