Mom Line Severinsen Turns Pregnancy Realities Into Hilarious Cartoons

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Line Severinsen is mom to two kids, so she's no stranger to the realities of pregnancy and parenting. To help illustrate those honest moments, the Norway-based mom began sharing hilarious and spot-on images of various pregnancy experiences that women just don't talk about very much.

From cravings to swelling to parenting, Severinsen's Instagram account covers it all.

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"It started as a personal diary. I was so excited to have the experience of carrying a child," Severinsen told Us Weekly.

The mom to Maia, 4, and Mathias, 17 months, started the drawings in 2012 after realizing that pregnancy wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

"I had morning sickness and found it very hard to function normally around people when I was throwing up all the time," the illustrator explained. "So I grabbed my pencils and got through it with a good dose of humor!"

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Severinsen's drawings also include hilarious captions like "The Best Thing About Choosing a Name Is Realizing How Many People You Hate," and we're pretty sure plenty of moms can relate to her honest and hilarious musings.

Severinsen's book, I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look at the Ups and Downs, and Everything in Between, of Pregnancy, will be released in March and is available for presale on Amazon.


Check out a few more of Severinsen's illustrations below!

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