Mom Gives Birth Within Minutes While Shopping at Walmart

(Photo: Twitter / ‏@Whalerfan70)

This real-life story is just like the movie, Where the Heart Is.

A very pregnant woman gave birth in aisle 11 at a Walmart in Payson, Utah.

According to Inside Edition, the expectant mother was shopping at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning when she felt stomach pains and summoned a manager for help.

The manager took her to aisle 11, where another employee ran to get her a wheelchair. Someone called 911, but before the paramedics arrived the mother fell to her knees and immediately went into labor, store manager Dustin Haight told

Employees began grabbing sheets to cover the woman and luckily the customer service manager, who used to be a nurse, helped with the delivery.

The woman did not scream, but instead “she insisted on getting her merchandise and she was intent on paying,” Haight said.

Haight said the whole scenario happened in about 20 minutes.


The mother is doing fine and her new son’s name is Matias. The family is expected to come back to the store on Friday for a celebration, he said.

“It was fun,” Haight said. “You don’t get to tell these kinds of stories very often.”